Dickiinson CDs 2001

Piano Concerto/Organ Concerto/Outcry - Albany TROY360

Rags, Blues & Parodies - Albany TROY 369

Song Cycles - Albany TROY365

If you are taken with Dickinson's way with simultaneity (for example, that moment in the Piano Concerto where the orchestra, the soloist and the second piano with its rhythm section are all doing different but mysteriously related things) then the third disc contains one of the most entrancing manifestations of it: Surrealist Landscape, in which an almost drawing-room setting of bizarre words by Lord Berners is heard on a pre-recorded tape, upon which vocalises based on the song and an independent piano part are superimposed but do not quite synchronise. It is entirely typical of Dickinson at his best and all three discs contain some of that best and all are very welcome. The performances are vivid, the recordings excellent.

Michael Oliver, Gramophone February 2001

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