Surviving juvenilia includes songs and piano pieces (all MS)
*A Cambridge Postlude: organ 

*Postlude on Adeste Fideles: organ
*Prelude for organ (MS)
*Three Preludes on Songs by Orlando Gibbons for organ (MS); later scored for strings
A Cambridge Rondo: piano (MS)

*Strings in the Earth and Air (Joyce): mezzo/piano (MS);*later arr. voice, recorder, violin & cello 
*Sonatina: flute (or recorder)/piano
*Toccata: organ
Jesus Christ is Risen Today: SATB (alternative as carol Jesus Christ is Born Today) [Musical Times supplement February 1965]

*Fantasy: clarinet/piano [Bosworth/Music Sales]
*Threnody: cello/piano (MS)
*Four W.H.Auden Songs: soprano or tenor/piano [Look, stranger on this island now; Eyes, look into the well; Carry her over the water; What's in your mind, my dove, my coney]
*Five Early Piano Pieces [Contemplations I, II, III; Inventions I, II] (MS)
Five Essays: piano
Madrigal - 'Black Mrs Behemoth' (Edith Sitwell): SATB (MS)
O Praise the Lord: SATB & organ (MS) [Epworth Press: Choir Series 373]
*Quintet Melody

*Vitalitas Variations: piano
*Variations on a French Folk Song ('Sur le pont d'Avignon'): harpsichord
Five Blake Songs: tenor, clarinet, horn, bassoon (MS)
Music for Brass: 2 trumpets, 3 trombones (MS)

*Meditation on Murder in the Cathedral (T.S.Eliot): organ
*String Quartet No.1 [revised version 2011]
Prelude, Bacchanal & Elegy (Dickinson): speaker/2 pianos (MS)
*Air: solo flute [also *violin and recorder]

*Monologue for Strings
Juilliard Dances: flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, cello, piano, percussion
*Fantasia for solo violin 

*Three Comic Songs (Auden): tenor/piano [revised 1972]
[My second thoughts condemn; Happy Ending; Over the heather]
*Let the Florid Music Praise (Auden): tenor or soprano/piano
Four Gerard Manley Hopkins Poems: SATB/organ [Pied Beauty; Justus tu ed quidem (1960); Heaven-Haven; God's Grandeur - completed 1964]

*Sonata: violin/piano. Orchestral version of Vitalitas Variations used for Gloria Contreras ballet four times in Mexico City [now withdrawn]

*Four Duos: flute (or oboe, or clarinet)/cello
Music for Oboe & Chamber Organ
Baroque Trio: flute, oboe, harpsichord

Two Motets: John, Mark (Thomas Blackburn) ATB
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis: ATB (MS)
Hymn-Tunes Made New: SATB
*Five Forgeries: piano duet [Poulenc; Hindemith; Stravinsky; Delius; Bartok]
*Dirge: organ
*Five Diversions: clavichord, harpsichord or piano [later small orchestra]

*Carillon: organ
*Three Statements: organ

*The Judas Tree: a Musical Drama of Judas Iscariot (Blackburn): 6 actors, SATB, 11 instruments, organ, percussion
*Four Easy Pieces: piano [Bosworth/Music Sales]
*An E.E.Cummings Song Cycle: mezzo/piano [i thank You God; no time ago; up into the silence; love is the every only god; love is more thicker] 'somewhere i have never traveled' (Cummings): mezzo/piano
*Mass: SATB

*Sonatina: solo bassoon [revised version 2011] (MS)
Elegy (Swinburne): counter-tenor, harpsichord, cello; later arr. recorder, cello & harpsichord
Martin of Tours (Blackburn): tenor, baritone, SATB, organ, piano
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis: unision voices/organ
Three Complaints (Ian Whybrow): children's choir, instruments, percussion
'For the Nativity' (John Heath-Stubbs): SATB [Musical Times supplement, July 1967]

Fanfares & Elegies: 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, organ
*Paraphrase I: organ
Three Pieces for Four Groups (Adrian Mitchell, Ian Whybrow) voices, instruments, percussion (MS)
*'My Love is like a Red, Red Rose' (Burns): mezzo/piano
The Dry Heart (Alan Porter): SATB [The Fall; Funeral Song; The Dry Heart; The Falling World; Wood Path]
*Paraphrase II: piano
Letter to the Composer (Peter Bingham): soprano, tenor and harp (MS)
Sketches opera The Unicorns to libretto by John Heath-Stubbs - not completed but used in many later works

Communion Service: 2-part choir/organ
Four Poems of Alan Porter: counter-tenor/harpsichord [Translation; The Stallion; The River; The Shining of Peace]

*Outcry: a cycle of nature poems for contralto solo, SATB, orchestra ['A robin redbreast in a cage' (Blake: Auguries of Innocence); The Blinded Bird (Hardy); Badger (Clare); Horses Aboard (Hardy); Nature's Hymn to the Deity (Clare)]; revised version with two pianos. *Five Diversions: small orchestra (from clavichord pieces) *Extravaganzas (Gregory Corso, from Gasoline): mezzo/piano

*Satie Transformations: orchestra [based on Gnossiennes 1, 2 & 3]
*Three Satie Transformations: piano
*Winter Afternoons (Emily Dickinson): AATTBB/double bass [One dignity delays for all; There's a certain slant of light; Departed - to the Judgement]

*Translations: recorder, viola da gamba, harpsichord
*Metamorphosis: solo flute [*also violin]
*Organ Concerto
*'So We'll go no More a-roving' (Byron): mezzo/piano
Concerto for Strings, Percussion & Electronic Organ [withdrawn]

*Recorder Music: recorder player/tape (or 2 players)
*Four Piano Blues
*Surrealist Landscape (Lord Berners): voice, piano, tape (includes song 'On the pale yellow sands', that can be performed separately)

*Suite for the Centenary of Lord Berners: clavichord (from film music: A Great Day for Bonzo)
Lust (St. Augustine & composer): AATTBB/optional tape

*Late Afternoon in November (Dickinson): 16 solo voices [BBC commission]

*String Quartet No.2 (with tape or offstage piano)
*Quartet Rag
Solo for Baryton: baryton/tape or baryton/viola da gamba

A Memory of David Munrow (wordless): 2 counter-tenors, 2 recorders, gamba, harpsichord
Aria: horn, oboe, clarinet, bassoon. Aria for horn, oboe. clarinet and bassoon. Gershwin song arrangements, including 'I got Rhythm', 'A Foggy Day', 'They all laughed' (for recording)

Reminiscences (Byron): mezzo, alto sax, piano
*Blue Rose: piano
*Schubert in Blue: arr. mezzo & piano in jazz-pop idioms
(Drinking Song; 'Who is Sylvia?'; 'Hark, hark the lark')

*A Birthday Surprise: orchestra [for Sir Robert Mayer's 100th Birthday
*Eight Very Easy Pieces: piano [Bosworth/Music Sales]
*Blue Rose
: piano

*Concerto Rag
: piano

*The Unicorns (John Heath-Stubbs): soprano/brass band (or version for band alone) [Fanfares & Choruses (instrumental); Lullaby (song); Dance (instrumental); Interrupted Love Song; A Celebration Fugue (instrumental); The Ballad of St Brendan (song)] Lullaby, later arranged for oboe, for clarinet or soprano sax & piano; *flute & piano; *violin & piano, *clarinet & piano; cello and piano; piano left hand; *piano solo; and SATB. *Three Songs from The Unicorns arr, soprano and piano; also in *A Celebration Trio (2009) as Fugue - Lullaby - Dance; and Orchestral Suite [Fanfares & Choruses; Dance; Lullaby; Celebration Fugue; The Ballade of St Brendan] (2017)

*Piano Concerto
*A Mass of the Apocalypse: speaker, SATB, 2 percussion, piano [Kyrie; Sanctus & Benedictus; Agnus Dei; Gloria; Ite missa est]
*Stevie’s Tunes: An Anthology of Nine Songs (Stevie Smith): mezzo/piano [Heber; To the Tune of the Coventry Carol; O Happy Dogs of England; In Canaan's Happy Land; The Heavenly City; ...and the Clouds return after the Rain; The Devil-my-Wife; Le Singe qui Swing; Unser Vater]

*Blue Rose Variations: organ
*Wild Rose Rag: piano
*Hymn-Tune Rag: piano
*American Trio (originally Hymns, Rags & Blues): violin, clarinet, piano

London Rags: 2 trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba
*Patriotic Rag: piano
*Violin Concerto [BBC commission]

*Sonatas: piano/tape
A Hitchcok Fanfare: 3 trumpets (In A Celebration of American Music: Words and Music in Honor of H. Wiley Hitchcock, University of Michigan Press, 1990)

Cellars Clough Duo: 2 guitars. Five Explorations: guitar.
Auden Studies: oboe & piano [based on three Auden songs by Lennox Berkeley and Peter Dickinson, setting the same poems]. Jigsaws: 15 players, harp, percussion [withdrawn].
*Merseyside Echoes: orchestra [tribute to early Beatles].
Centenary Rag: piano, based on openings of Irving Berlin songs (MS)

*Larkin's Jazz: baritone-speaker; flute/piccolo/alto; clarinet in Bb/bass; soprano sax; trumpet cello; piano; percussion [Reasons for Attendance; For Sidney Bechet; Love Songs in Age; Reference back]

Tiananmen 1989 [text compiled by composer from news reports]: double choir/tubular bells
Two motets: Mark, John (SATB versions).
A Waltz of Roses: mezzo & harp (MS)

Summoned by Mother (Betjeman): mezzo/harp

Suffolk Variations: guitar (O.U.P.)

Swansongs: cello/piano (MS withdrawn)

Three Carols: SSAA (MS)
['Christmas is Coming', arr. from SATB; 'For the Nativity' (John Heath Stubbs), arr.from SATB; 'O Christmas Time, O Hateful Time' (Lord Berners)]

Sanctus [from Mass of the Apocalypse]: arr. organ, revised later (no. 1 of Three Pieces)
Fanfare for John Stephens: 3 trumpets, 3 trombones (arr. from The Judas Tree, MS)

*A Millennium Fanfare: organ, from Organ Concerto, (MS)

*Bach in Blue: piano (MS)

*Homage to Poulenc: flute (or recorder)/piano (arr. from Five Forgeries for piano duet) (MS)
Schubert in Blue: clarinet/piano (arr. from set of three songs, in Songs in Blue)

*A Celebration Trio: violin, clarinet & piano (Fugue, Lullaby, Dance, arr. from The Unicorns)

*Bach in Blue: arr.
violin, clarinet and piano (MS)
*Pastorale, Blues and Homage,
arr. recorder and piano (1. A James Joyce Pastorale, arr. from song 'Strings in the earth and air') 2. A Robert Burns Blues, arr. from song 'My love is like a red, red rose') 3. Homage to Poulenc, arr. from Five Forgeries for piano duet, No. 1) (MS)

Lullaby (from The Unicorns): arr. piano left hand MS

*Bach in Blue: arr. clarinet, violin, strings and piano (Goodmusic)
*Suite for the Centenary of Lord Berners: arr. small orchestra (Goodmusic)                                       *Waltz for Elliott Schwartz at 80 (piano) (MS)          

*Lullaby (from The Unicorns): arr. piano solo 
'Up into the silence' (Cummings songs): arr. violin, viola, cello & piano (MS)
*A Rag for McCabe (piano) (MS)
*Freda's Blues: in Memory of Lady Berkeley (piano)
[published in Lennox Berkeley Society Journal 2017]

A Little Trio: arr. recorder, cello & harpsichord (from Elegy) (MS)
*'Strings in the Earth and Air' (Joyce), arr. voice, recorder, violin & cello (MS)

Lochinvar: a Melodrama (Walter Scott) for speaker, violin & piano (from Paraphrase II)
Three Preludes on Themes of Gibbons: arr. string orchestra, (from organ pieces) (MS)                Tranquillo (from Violin Concerto): violin & piano (MS)

Revised version of Outcry, shortened and with two pianos
Elegiac Canons for two recorders (from A Memory of David Munrow) (MS)
Agnus Dei (from Mass of the Apocalypse) arr. organ  (no.2 of Three Pieces)

Three Pieces for String Quartet - Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Gloria (from Mass of the Apocalypse)
'Feeding the Birds' (Ian Whybrow): arr, voice & piano (from Three Pieces for Four Groups) (MS)
Three Pieces for Two Violins - Blue Lullaby, Elegiac Canons, A Rag for McCabe (MS) 

Gloria (from Mass of the Apocalypse) arr. organ (No. 3 of Three Pieces)
Air for solo recorder (from Air for flute) (MS)

A Winter Afternoon for recorder & double bass (from Winter Afternoons) (MS)

All works published by Novello & Co./Music Sales, London, unless otherwise indicated

* = Commercial recording here or abroad

© 2008-24 Estate of Peter Dickinson