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Short interviews and discussions are not included

1966, May 22,  Erik Satie (1866-1925) - Music Magazine

[at this time, talks had a rehearsal on Saturday, delivered live on Sunday]

1966, 11 December, Henry Cowell (1897-1965) – Music Magazine

1967 Charles Koechlin (1867-1951) – Music Magazine

1969, Twentieth Century Music, review of H. H. Stuckenschmidt ‘Twentieth Century Music’– Music Magazine

1971, 12 November – Settings of E. E. Cummings, presented recital with Meriel Dickinson (mezzo)

1972, Scriabin’s Piano Music – Music Magazine

1972, Peter Dickinson presents a programme of his own music

1972, Settings of James Joyce, presented recital with Meriel Dickinson

1973, Two talks on Lutoslawski following an interview

1973, Lord Berners, presented recital

1973, Voices of Today, introducing Dickinson’s 'The Dry Heart'

1973, Déodat de Sévérac

1974, Egon Wellesz, presented recitals

1974, The Songs of Ives – Music Weekly

1976, October - Louis Moreau Gottschalk

1976, 6 December – presented recital of settings of Auden with Meriel Dickinson, and Ian and Jennifer Partridge (tenor & piano)

1976, Virgil Thomson at 80

1978, April 25 – two presented recitals of French Music, End of the Century and Around 1920

1978, A Ragtime Anthology – presented recital

1978, John Cage Today

1979, Three American composers of the Civil War Period (Gottschalk, Foster, Henry Clay Work)

1979, The Music of Lord Berners

1079, Two Post-Impressionists: Cyril Scott and Charles Griffes, presented recital

1980, October 5 – One Pair of Ears

1981, The Joyce Book, presented recital, performed complete with Meriel Dickinson

1982, January 23, Documentary, Samuel Barber – interviews in ‘Samuel Barber Remembered’

1982, April 18 – The Four Symphonies of Ives – Music Weekly

1983, February, The American Experimental Tradition (Ives, Billings, Farwell, Partch, Nancarrow, Brooks) – Music Weekly

1983, 30 April, The Music of Lennox Berkeley – Record Review

1983, 10 June, The American Experimental Tradition - Music Weekly

1983, October 23 (repeat 18 May 1988), Nelson: Lennox Berkeley, opera presentation

1983, October 18, Lord Berners Documentary – interviews in ‘Lord Berners: Composer, Writer, Painter’, Boydell 2008

1983, September BBC Radio 3 Magazine - ‘Lord Berners: The Most Professional Amateur’

1984, BBC TV, c. August – Mastermind, set Questions on American Orchestral Music from 1900

1984, October, Charles Ives the Songwriter – Music Weekly

1984, October 29, Tippet at 80 (four programmes) - BBC Overseas

1985, April 20, New Releases of American Music (Ives, Copland, Carter, Rochberg, Harbison) – Record Review

1985, Copland a Synthesis, Record Review

1985, August, William Schuman: American Symphonist - The Listener

1985, BBC Proms programme articles – American Music’s Golden Age; notes on Copland. Barber, Ruggles, Howells

1985, June, Aaron Copland at 85, Vogue

1985, July 14, Book Review, Hamm ‘Music in the New World’; Rockwell ‘All American Music’ – Music Weekly

1985 October 26, Record Review; Copland's Appalachian Spring

1985, November 17, Copland's 85th Birthday, Music Weekly

1986, February 22, Satie Piano Music - Record Review

1986, March 13 - One Pair of Ears

1986, September, Gershwin’s Piano Concerto – Record Review

1986, Book Review, Burkholder ‘Charles Ives: the Ideas behind the Music’

1986, 11 November – Chamber Music, songs of G. Molineux Palmer (Joyce) introduced and recorded complete with Martyn Hill (tenor), later on CD

1987.17 January, Copland's Rodeo - Rercord Review

1987. 8 March, Henry Cowell, Music Weekly

1987, 7 June, Gershwin as Songwriter – Music Weekly

1987, Ruth Pitter, interview

1987, Cage’s Irish Circus, talk with interviews included in Cagetalk: Interviews with and about John Cage, University of Rochester Press, 2006

1987, June, Franck’s Symphony in D minor – Record Review

1987, December 2, New Releases: American Music (Hanson, Barber, Harris, Schuman) – Record Review

1988, May, The Young Lennox Berkeley – four presented programmes

1988, Larkin’s Jazz – two talks about Larkin’s taste in classic jazz
[BBC R3, August 26; 25 September. BBC R4, September 15 & 22, 1992]

1989, January 15, The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz – Music Weekly

1989, March 16, Introduction to two programmes of clavichord music

1989, May 31, New Releases: American Music (Ives, Copland, Chavez, Griffes, Schuman, Sessions, Revueltas) – Record Review

1989, March, Copland's Clarinet Concerto - BBC Record Review

1989, July 4, A Celebration of Independence – Radio Times

1989, November 2, Documentary John Cage: Inventor of Genius – interviews in ‘CageTalk: Dialogues with and about John Cage’. University of Rochester Press, 2006

1990, June 6, New Releases: American Opera  (Copland, Thomson) – Record Review

1990, November, A Fanfare for Aaron Copland - the Listener

1990, November, On the 90th Birthday, Peter Dickinson explores Copland on Record - Gramophone

1990. November, Copand, Early and Late. Musical Times,582-54

1991, April 24, New Releases: American Music (Ives, Copland, Barber, Rochberg, Harbison) – Record Review

1992, March 11, New Releases: American Music (Burleigh, Ives, Bolcom, Bernstein, Feldman) – Record Review

1992, August 11, Documentary on Lennox Berkeley, interviews published in ‘Lennox Berkeley and Friends’ (Boydell, 2012)

1992, BBC TV, Mastermind, set questions on ‘The Life & Works of Erik Satie’

1996, February 11, Documentary 'Billy Mayerl: A Formula for Success' - quotes in ‘Marigold: the Music of Billy Mayerl’, O.U.P.1999

2002, Billy Mayerl: advisor on Composer of the Week

2016, May, Interview with Tom Service on Music Matters


Excluding concert and record reviews unless of substance

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[many editions of individual pieces by Lennox Berkeley published by Chester]

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Alan Rawsthorne. Practical Cats, arranged as suite for piano duet, OUP, 2014

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