Fantasia For Solo Violin

I wrote this Fantasia in New York during April 1959 for the Greek American violinist, Dinos Constantinides, who subsequently became a widely performed composer, long based at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, finally as Boyd Professor. We were both graduate students at the Juilliard School of Music and he gave the first performance at International House, Riverside Drive, in an all-Dickinson programme on 3 May 1959. I also wrote my Violin and Piano Sonata for him and we gave the premiere together at what was then Carnegie Recital Hall on 23 March 1961. Some of my works in this American period now seem uncompromising and the Fantasia is saturated with major sevenths and minor ninths. Its opening declamation reaches up mirroring the New York skyscrapers. The piece uses the widest range of compass, tempo and texture and finally evaporates skyward. P.D.

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